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Under the committee decision, six ADSJs have been superseded in promotion and they have been posted as officers on special duty (OSDs) at their present place of posting besdies issuing notices for their retirement from service under Section 12 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974.
the traditional Christian belief that the covenant between God and the People of Israel, established through the mediation of Moses at Mount Sinai, has been replaced or superseded by the 'New Covenant' of Jesus Christ.
Because of the requirement to finalize the documentation file within 60 days, a best practice is for auditors to continually update documentation during the audit and discard superseded memos and files as the audit progresses, rather than only at its conclusion, where mistakes can cause confusion and an unclear record.
Alliance & Leicester's move to improve the lot of customers who hold the bank's superseded Bonus 90 account has been welcomed by watchdog the Banking Code Standards Board (BCSB).
One article of this, containing detailed rules on imports from Switzerland, has been superseded by administrative changes, and is to be updated "in the interest of clarity".
On a promontory in Brown's lake is the old walled garden, where fruit and vegetables were raised for the big household, but as the establishment shrank, the kitchen garden was superseded by the economies of scale offered by supermarkets.
Part 30, which was published at 63 Federal Register 55,486 on October 15, 1998, was superseded by an interim rule published at 64 Federal Register 52,638 on September 30, 1999.
The influx of Western ideas did no more than awaken a consciousness that neither superseded local parochialism nor Ottoman universalism.
Fiedler was dealing with American culture just at the beginning of the revolutionary '60s, which could be seen to have expanded on his ideas with a self-consciousness illuminated by them, but which finally superseded them as much as they superseded themselves and became the '70s and '80s and '90s.
He alleged that selection board while breaching its rules and regulations superseded some blue eyed persons, adding that authorities had a sketch in its mind to promote a specific group on impotent positions for upcoming ten years.