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Blanche's name had barely passed her husband's lips before Blanche herself verified Sir Patrick's prediction, by reappearing at the open French window, with the superseded white hat in her hand.
The necessity of a reply was superseded by the unlooked-for entrance of a third party--the individual in question--who, bringing his one eye (for he had but one) to bear on Ralph Nickleby, made a great many shambling bows, and sat himself down in an armchair, with his hands on his knees, and his short black trousers drawn up so high in the legs by the exertion of seating himself, that they scarcely reached below the tops of his Wellington boots.
At the moment when that pyramid of fire rose to a prodigious height into the air, the glare of flame lit up the whole of Florida; and for a moment day superseded night over a considerable extent of the country.
Early in the sixteenth century, the Morality in its turn was largely superseded by another sort of play called the Interlude.
Once more Adeimantus returns with the allusion to his brother Glaucon whom he compares to the contentious State; in the next book he is again superseded, and Glaucon continues to the end.
Our society is encumbered by ponderous machinery, which resembles the endless aqueducts which the Romans built over hill and dale and which are superseded by the discovery of the law that water rises to the level of its source.
She read it as a tangible statement, which could never be superseded.
Other doctors have superseded HIM; and nobody who can help it will employ me.
Michael Vlach, a leading Evangelical scholar on "supersessionism," has defined it broadly as "the view that the NT Church is the new and/or true Israel that has forever superseded the nation Israel as the people of God.
General Aslam - who was the senior most general officer of the Army - resigned after he was superseded by Gen.
LAHORE, December 11, 2009 (Balochistan Times): While setting a unique precedence of good governance the Punjab government has superseded its special secretary in the Assembly, Maqsood Ahmad Malik over his three deserving seniors.