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The series is a followup to NHI's popular instructor-led course launched in late 2016, LFRD for Highway Superstructures.
highway bridge superstructures to the code specifications.
Broers also said that PDC is 'ready to sign contracts with several players who want to come into the port', but that the completion of the superstructure would attract longer-term contracts.
Integrated modeling of both the soil foundation and superstructure is a sophisticated and realistic approach.
When set against a backdrop of Waitrose and Superdrug, it is hoped that people will return to breathe life into this notorious superstructure, not only to shop in Oasis, but also to dwell in one; relaxing, working, living and of course shopping.
As we drew closer we could see that the burning ship was a bulk cargo merchant with the superstructure aft.
The five-deck superstructure was made for the pounds 12.
A similar swerving calls on the "difficult" concept of the relative autonomy of the superstructure, and another commonality, historical focus, is viewed almost as research style rather than principle.
capitalism) creates a particular superstructure or culture which simultaneously camouflages and perpetuates the economic base.
The sum total of these relations of production is the economic structure of society, the real foundation on which rises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of social consciousness.