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Total quantity or scope: 2 chassis 6 x 4 * 2 with Low Entry Cab for pressing garbage truck superstructures rear loader, 2 Press garbage truck superstructures rear loader for collection of bio-waste and residual waste (manufacturer Faun Haller, inch or HS-SchE[micro]rling) and 2 Lifter Type Euro Delta Premium A (Fa.
A similar swerving calls on the "difficult" concept of the relative autonomy of the superstructure, and another commonality, historical focus, is viewed almost as research style rather than principle.
Contract award: parts frames and superstructures production process vehicle maintenance and repair platforms and superstructures vehicle production process, supply of electric vehicle battery production process, supply tires and tire maintenance (inc / images instead / ve and consumables), brush sweepers supply and supply of consumables machinery (stock) for two years (2014-2015).
Chemists from Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia explore methods of organizing nanocolloids into more complex structures, what kind of structures are needed, and what new properties are appearing in the nanocolloid superstructures.
A well-documented HTML help system supports the database and provides reference drawings of typical building configurations, systems, superstructures and finishes.
The project consist in manufacturing, according to plans given by EUROTUNNEL, superstructures that will be assembled ( by screws) at EUROTUNNEL.
The company works closely with all European truck manufacturers to provide superstructures specifically designed for the chassis of their commercial vehicles.
Contract notice: Supply of spare parts for maintenance and repair of superstructures fitted to specific vehicles and cartage of municipal authorities of the city of charleroi.
As specialists in exterior building envelope restoration, SUPERSTRUCTURES approaches their work as both an art and science.
All superstructures will be pre-tested to verify that their component parts work together.
Qualification system with call for competition: Prequalification for the category (range) supervision railway superstructures, civil engineering, railway crossings in procurement infrastructure.