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Thus, according to Strong Supervenience, for every normative property F, each instantiation of F is metaphysically necessitated by the instantiation of some natural property G.
Botez, 1996: 9) The central concepts of the philosophy of mind are: ego, consciousness, intentionality; mental events (conditions, acts and processes); connoisseur, known, knowledge; under-determination, supervenience, reliability; mental attitudes (beliefs, desires, hopes, etc.
Aesthetic Supervenience Revisited", en: British Journal of Aesthetics, v.
The group's conclusion supervenes (87) on the individual conclusions, but it depends on the aggregation function that fixes the supervenience relation.
We cannot summarize all his arguments for Buddhist Reductionism, but his distinction between reductive and nonreductive supervenience is relevant (Persons).
law is the kind of thing that must have a particular supervenience base.
Here, we need to know that the NRP model endorses three key claims: (a) ontological monism, (b) the irreducibility of the mental to the physical, and (c) the supervenience of the mental on the physical.
Kriegel maintains that Scheler develops a phenomenological system for the realm of values: the supervenience of moral value upon non-moral values and the division and ranking of non-moral values can be "read off from the intuitive, pre-reflective preferences implied in our emotional experiences.
1994): "Humean Supervenience Debugged", Mind, 103, pp.
emergence, supervenience, constitution, animalism, etc.
Supervenience challenges ontological naturalism, demanding an epistemology not founded solely on causal principles.
El problema, la paradoja, consiste en admitir la existencia del correlato entre distintos niveles, es decir la determinacion o supervenience de la propiedad emergente (10) y al mismo tiempo defender que el nivel emergente posee un poder causal respecto de sus niveles inferiores.