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His supervenient dualist interpretation is an attempt to give Aristotle's immaterialist doctrine of nous its due without ignoring the clear naturalistic tone found in many Aristotelian treatises.
Not able to realize the ambition to establish a stable and supervenient identity among the inhabitants of the land over which the United States claims sovereignty, incapable of attracting and/or frightening the various inhabitants of the lands to represent themselves primarily or ultimately as "the People," founding political gestures require quasi obsessive, ritualistic repetitions in which these variously nonnational (or incompletely nationalized) persons are incorporated within the authoritative domain of the nation-state.
Now I think it will be agreed by everyone that a concrete proposition of law is not a bare fact but is rather a supervenient fact; I mean this, informally: it's not part of the ultimate structure of the universe that 1 am permitted to take a bicycle into the park.
songs that has helped me override the supervenient thoughts that crowd
II Supervenient Criminality and Penalty Enhancements for Hate
This means that it constitutes an appropriate basks for supervenient relational properties.
Howard Bloch sums up, sees Eve's creation as "secondary, derivative, supervenient, and supplemental," rendering woman "inferior, debased, scandalous, and perverse.
Whereas in other kinds of constructed place, mood is often a supervenient phenomenon, in gardens mood is an intrinsic feature, something that belongs to our experience of them.
One way to establish that would be to show that freedom of speech is essential to the possibility of human dignity, and that human dignity is supervenient on human agency.
immediate: that is, unmediated by any supervenient content of consciousness; and total: that is, leaving no part of the consciousness of the experiencing being sentient of its own self as other than the content of having the experiential output of the interpenetration of the text and consciousness.
Content and character are supervenient on such structure, and appreciation of them, if properly aesthetic, involves awareness of that dependency .
The `over-abundant enjoyment', the `sweetness', the `voluptuousness' are derived solely from, are supervenient upon, the elements of cruelty that inform the drama and which cause us to suffer.