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The supervision of a project is carried out through site inspections in accordance with the accepted technical procedures and technical ethics, always with due regard to the duties and obligations which are imposed on the supervising engineer.
If the patient develops a new problem --say a growth that may need biopsy the supervising physician must see the patient in order to bill at 100%.
"In this movie Robert Redford's whole world was the boat," says Steve Boeddeker, supervising sound editor/sound re-recording mixer for 'All Is Lost.' "If you hear the ocean, you're hearing the ocean against the boat, and those sounds are comforting because they are familiar." When storm or lightening sounds intrude from the distance, they mean trouble.
This article addresses the embattling question of when and to what extent a subordinate lawyer may rely on the direction of a supervising lawyer when confronted with an ethical dilemma.
Security authorities started supervising around 25 locations.
If this is raised during a search the matter will be considered by the Supervising Solicitor and if there is any doubt the Supervising Solicitor will make a separate list of such items and consider the matter more carefully after the search has been completed.
As many as 23% of the near-19,000 surveyed did not know they would be breaking the law by using a phone while supervising a learner.
In order to be permitted to administer moderate sedation both the qualifying nurse and supervising medical practitioners must maintain current advanced cardiac life support certification or pediatric advanced life support certification as appropriate to the age of the patient.
Grade 11 ($56,740479,436) positions require a bachelor's degree, a minimum of two years experience supervising staff, four years of experience working with at-risk youths or a combination of education and experience.
Know the activity you are supervising. In New Jersey, a young boy almost drowned because his physical education teacher failed to enter the water to save him.
His many roles at Kaled include overseeing all major capital improvements, renovations, supervising building staff, seeking out new properties to manage as well as Board/Tenant relations.
* Supervising activities related to technology transfer

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