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SUPERVISOR. An overseer; a surveyor.
     2. There are officers who bear this name whose duty it is to take care of the highways.

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Antonovich said the Board of Supervisors was to blame for the problems because it had not adequately funded the Sheriff's Department in prior years.
In asking for permission to conduct this survey, the comptroller was responding to the concerns of school counselors, district supervisors, and counseling organizations in the state.
They perceived a lack of employee accountability, felt confused about the decision-making process, and were frustrated that supervisors did not always work as a team.
The pagan goddess is by far the largest, but the ACLU and the three supervisors have voiced no objection to her presence.
The physician who takes a position to espouse "the right thing to do" to his supervisor and others but does it in a respectful, collaborative and charitable way may have some difficult times but will earn the trust and respect required for negotiating these difficult situations.
The break in cognitive structure causes performance anxiety which is the impetus for counselors-in-training to function by received knowledge driven by external expertise--the supervisor.
Beyond this, some supervisors said they routinely delete e-mails received from other supervisors and county staff.
Using fees from regulated institutions, rather than taxpayer funds, can protect the supervisory agency from being crippled in the appropriations process without jeopardizing the ultimate accountability of the supervisor to the legislative body.
This paper will explore the role of supervisors and administrators as instructional leaders in their schools in the formation and support of programs aimed at the integration of instructional technology.
Although the bank would estimate these key inputs, the estimates would have to be based on empirical information, using procedures and controls validated by the bank's supervisor, and the results would have to measure risk accurately.
In addition, it provides an opportunity to communicate with supervisors and camp administration, to voice opinions, to be heard and respected, to eat breakfast treats, and to have a chance to bond.
as account supervisor in the agricultural accounts group.

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