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Antonovich said the Board of Supervisors was to blame for the problems because it had not adequately funded the Sheriff's Department in prior years.
In asking for permission to conduct this survey, the comptroller was responding to the concerns of school counselors, district supervisors, and counseling organizations in the state.
It also caused morale problems among line personnel, made collaborative decision making difficult, and, occasionally, spawned conflict among supervisors.
Efforts are now underway to recall the three supervisors.
The supportive relationship that the physician executive develops with his or her immediate supervisor should stimulate a level of appreciation, not just with the supervisor but with the supervisor's superiors as well.
It is during this process that supervisors act as facilitators to support counselors-in-training while they strive for harmony between self-beliefs and competency.
Because the supervisors use their personal computers to discuss county business, each supervisor is the official custodian of those records, according to the state attorney general's office.
Moreover, supervisors can't toot their own horns to gather public support because simply mentioning a success might cause a bank run.
Serving as the instructional leaders in their buildings, administrators and supervisors must provide the means and professional development necessary to achieve technology infusion and to ensure that computers and the Internet are optimally utilized.
supervisors, Basel I needs to be replaced, at least for the largest, most complex banks, for three major reasons: It has serious shortcomings as it applies to these large entities; the art of risk management has evolved at the largest banks; and the banking system has become increasingly concentrated.
Many supervisors pride themselves on their open-door policy, but what does that really mean to staff?
Simply knowing their supervisors would call to see how they were doing made a tremendous difference to injured employees and their morale.

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