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Wolfgruber (64) to succeed him for the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Antonio Trius, CEO of Cognis until 2010, were newly elected to the Supervisory Board.
His decision to step down from the supervisory board was made with as part of his personal plans as well as due to the targeted partial restructuring of the supervisory board, according to which the board will be expanded from three to six members, the company said.
In a nowadays dynamic business environment corporation supervisory boards become crucial factor for the functioning of corporations.
She is also member of the supervisory bard of SNS Reaal.
Despite the formidable challenge presented by such a significant loss of supervisory experience, the retirements created a unique opportunity for the department to design a supervisory structure that best fit its changing needs.
The revised rule addresses supervisory concerns, competitive equity considerations, and the changes in the treatment of trust preferred securities under generally accepted accounting principles.
It doesn't help that some doubt that increased supervisory systems are a priority in the first place.
Supreme Court handed down a decision that essentially says most, if not all, nurses and physicians in the private sector are supervisory personnel and cannot be members of unions.
The ING Group Supervisory Board has taken notice of the reactions of many Dutch stakeholders following the proposal to amend the Executive Board remuneration policy as explained in the Annual Report 2017.
Jim Hagemann Snabe is the new Supervisory Board Chairman of Siemens AG.

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