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SUPERVISOR. An overseer; a surveyor.
     2. There are officers who bear this name whose duty it is to take care of the highways.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As such the supervisory committee would assist the bureau in filtering out the investigation process by deciding whether there is sufficient prima facie evidence to proceed with investigation or arrest by the NAB.
"I have been with Symrise for a long time and look forward to advising the Company now as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Arcapita chairman Abdulaziz Hamad Aljomaih said: "Our Sharia Supervisory Board is led by renowned scholars and practitioners with diverse schools of thought in Islam.
"We would like to thank Peggy for her excellent contribution and full dedication to the Supervisory Board and the Audit Committee over the last 12 years," said Nils Andersen, chairman of the Supervisory Board.
The supervisory board of PASHA Bank Georgia consists of Jalal Gasimov, Shahin Mammadov, George Glonti, Ebru Ogan Knottnerus and chairman of the supervisory board Farid Mammadov.
This decision was made in accordance with Clause 7, Article 53 of the Federal Law 'On Joint-Stock Companies', which authorises the Supervisory Board to include candidates in the list at its discretion in the event that an insufficient amount of candidates are put forward by shareholders.
Dr Reithinger joined Curetis' supervisory board following the IPO in November 2015.
In addition, the AGM voted against the shareholder proposal which encouraged the supervisory board to investigate whether the company discriminates in its employment of unskilled workers based on ethnicity or origin, as well as the shareholder proposal that Tivoli, in addition to the dividend set by the supervisory board, mark Tivoli's 175-year anniversary, by paying a special anniversary dividend to the company's shareholders of DKK1.75 per share, corresponding to DKK10.0m, with payment on Tivoli's birthday on 15 August 2018.
ING (INGA.AE) (NYSE: ING) (ING.AS) has said that Ann Sherry will resign from the Supervisory Board of ING Group on September 14, 2017.
The committee is an independent intra-agency appellate body designed to review material supervisory determinations.

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