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64 (John Jay) (expressing belief that "select bodies of electors" will have an advantage over popular elections tainted by "the supineness, the ignorance, and the hopes and fears of the unwary and uninterested"); FEDERALIST No.
These astonishing Dispensations are the kind Messengers of Heaven, to rouse us from our Supineness, and quicken us into timely Circumspection' (24-25).
His supineness in the face of constant political sniping at large corporations that destroys his own capital investment, amazes those who are trained in economic thinking.
This supineness has reached its head, in Hamadeh's view, in Lebanon's standing shoulder-to-shoulder with "the killers of children, supporting killing, and covering up their crimes in the highest international body: the Security Council." But the "free people of Lebanon, who form the overwhelming majority in [the country], share the Syrian revolution's sentiments," wrote Hamadeh in conclusion, and these people "do not want Lebanon's government to become known also as "the government of those who kill children in Syria."
Richard II wrote disparagingly of the French in his diary while he toured France in the 1690s: 'Superstition, Nastiness, Supineness, Swearing, Sabbath-breaking (even Acting Plays, Carting, Buying and Selling on Sundays); Exacting on Strangers; ...