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At the heart of the debate over supplement not supplant are USDOE's proposed regulations for the provision.
A landmark report by civil rights groups is actually what led to the supplement not supplant provision.
McManaman and Clarke, wherein it is stated "Although this document makes no mention of the 1968 Winnipeg Statement, we would argue that since a pastoral response is one that bears upon a particular people, situated in a particular place at a particular time in history, Liberating potential supplants the Winnipeg Statement, rendering it obsolete, especially in light of the fact that a great deal of information is available to us today that was not available back in 1968."
The Board's approval of this application does not supplant the authority of the State of Florida or its agent, the Florida Department of Financial Services, to license the proposed office of Bank in accordance with any terms or conditions that it may impose.
But digital libraries need not entirety supplant musty volumes and quiet reading rooms, according to Paul LeClerc, president and CEO of the New York Public Library.
The new journal will supplant the Longwoods Review.
Although this book cannot supplant Joseph Banowetz's authoritative Pianist's Guide to Pedaling (Indiana University Press, 1985), it is nonetheless to be recommended to pianists of all ages whose ears are ready to be opened.
These allow each group to institute a form of dignity to supplant what has been stripped away by society.
But biotechnology--if it's at all up to these tasks--should not supplant organic farming, and should only go forward with the objectives of health, safety and adequate nutrition for all.
Did the department supplant? (2) Is the department at risk for an audit?
3, how would you supplant the ruthless domination currently in charge?