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Ces traces ne sont pourtant pas seulement des survivances du passe, car de nouvelles normes bousculent, sans les supplanter, les normes anciennes.
To think about where Shakespeare's sympathies lie, we only need to recall Robert Greene's famous insult in the Groats-Worth of Wit (1592), that Shakespeare himself was a grubby 'Johannas fac totum': an upstart supplanter, a wily seizer of the time, a jack-of-all-trades.
La crise de la lecture se marque par le choix de nouveaux objets oo l'image tend de plus en plus a supplanter le texte.
In second place for the boys was James, which means supplanter.
Dacy's argument about Christianity's self-perception as the fulfilment and supplanter of Israel could gain further support by looking at the way the Patristic authors--indeed even the New Testament itself--interpreted the Hebrew Scriptures in a typological and allegorical fashion, retaining their validity only insofar as they "pointed" to Christ.
La reconnaissance des dimensions des droits humains dans les lois pourrait supplanter la coercition et l'interventionnisme du statu quo et les remplacer par des garanties de services qui soutiennent genereusement l'inclusion sociale, ne gardant les mesures involontaires que comme reel moyen de dernier recours.
Une autre traduction viendra necessairement un jour la supplanter.
22) Curd 1998 makes a compelling case for the view that Parmenides is better understood as a reformer within the tradition of natural philosophy than as metaphysical supplanter of it, arguing that the 'singularities' Parmenides has in mind apply to any discretely existing member of a plurality of things.
Les succes de l'aine portaient ombrage au plus jeune, qui revait en secret de le concurrencer, de le supplanter et de prendre sa place quand son predecesseur serait mort.
Through a close reading of Nabonidus' Harran Stele and of the Verse Account of his reign composed in the days of his supplanter Cyrus of Persia, Beaulieu reveals how a theological dispute--albeit one with important social-political ramifications--so undermined the solidarity of the ruling class of the Babylonian state that some of its members were ready to welcome the foreign conqueror.
Vaast Bin--1 } 181: the supplanter / } that I was in this power / coxcomber, in the opening of the forest / a movement--in the arcing beams of starheadlights / serrating the indices of black night / O'd sepal parting struumm'd in tuenns / in the dark milk of axionic piors / the shutter thrusts open / seeping into the eyes of the bin / beings, tongue-trilled- / with all instruments denoted".
Cette affaire a donne naissance au Parti reformiste qui a reussi, en l'espace de quelques annees, a supplanter completement les conservateurs dans l'Ouest.