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a cost-by-cost test for supplanting. As explained in more detail below,
this cost-by-cost approach to supplanting leads to practical outcomes
The USB-IF's Ziller does not foresee OTG supplanting Bluetooth but rather envisions portable devices that support both technologies.
Indeed the major point of Voss's presentation at the recent meeting in San Francisco of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers was that fractals are a new language for the description of nature, supplanting the simple geometric figures that have been used up to now.
television is at its most trivial and, therefore, most dangerous when its aspirations are high, when it presents itself as a carrier of important cultural conversation.' Though he devotes the second part of his book to fairly routine TV-bashing, Postman's real theme is the supplanting of an epistemology based on the printed word by one grounded in electronic media.
Eskom is responsible for the supplanting the existing diesel feed stock with indigenous natural gas, the gas turbine conversion project, and the procurement process is important for a formal gas sales agreement to be entered into.
Historian from the Robert Stephenson Trust, Vicky Haworth, insists the campaign is not aimed at supplanting the traditional day, but to highlight the achievement of Stephenson himself.
Altman, the building was one of the fast large retail establishments in the area, supplanting a group of Gothic Revival row houses near the Church of the Holy Communion.
The supplanting of this classical and Christian-virtue-based understanding with psychological notions in our schools and in the culture at large correlates almost perfectly with our descent into moral chaos.
He sought to explain the origins in the Old Testament of slavery and the slave trade in such a way that his readers could see and further the process of freedom supplanting bondage in a Christian world.
The fastest growing pressure sensitive tape applications will include secular growth markets like health care and electronics, as well as uses where tapes are finding novel applications and/or supplanting competitive bonding systems.
In the 1850s corn was supplanting wheat as the staple crop in much of the midwest, and corn's annual requirement for days of labor was greater than that of wheat though less than that of cotton or tobacco.