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No way does their message supplant or make obsolete said statement.
Called by Benjamin "furnished man" (der moblierte Mensch), the creature who demonstrates a primitive form of those new ways of taking in and seeing images is the hero of Max Ernst's art, the ambiguous figure of the "pipe man" (rohrender Mensch) named in the punning, self-referential caption of Ambiguous Figures--a creature who, outfitted with a laboratory safety mask, inked-on seaweed nose, bulbous Pyrex genitals, and a torso complete with handles to be grasped and cranked, supplants the image of the "touching man" (ruhrender Mensch) and his surefire effects of empathy.
If the court finds that the congressional action overriding Miranda is constitutional, the states will be free to pass laws that similarly supplant Miranda.
These editors, with Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, set off to found October, which, by the end of the '70s, would supplant Artforum as the compelling voice for the dissemination of new ideas in contemporary art, at least insofar as the university circuit was concerned.