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Secondly, the Supplementary device should only open KFH Online Application and chooses WAVE option from the main page.
Much of the PlayBook's appeal comes from its status as a supplementary device to RIM's BlackBerry Phones.
This limited edition Emirates NBD MasterCard PayPass Watch is being issued as a supplementary device to MasterCard credit cards.
This limited edition watch is being issued as a supplementary device to MasterCard credit cards.
Additionally, each nurse demonstrated the use of a metered-dose inhaler, a spacer (a supplementary device that eliminates the need to inhale simultaneously with device actuation), a dry powder inhaler, and a nebulizer, while being observed by a pharmacist trained in the use of inhalers.
The monitor was used as a supplementary device to transmit the sonar data, which are usually sent via computer to a crew member in charge of drawing a chart of the courses of ships in the vicinity of the submarine, NTSB officials said.
The idea is to connect the television set to the telephone line by means of a supplementary device, the set-top box, thereby transforming it into a multifunctional device.
A greater availability of inexpensive Android tablets attracted first-time consumers in emerging markets, and as supplementary devices in mature markets.
Ji continued, "EYETOP has a complete computer architecture, and can provide common computer functionality including games, movies and email, eliminating the need for any other supplementary devices, for example, cellphones.
The supplementary devices are used mainly to manipulation with workpieces and tools:
Alternatively, you may have to obtain support from supplementary devices such as fingers (yours or his), vibrator or a passing pizza delivery boy.
The tiebarless design is said to offer more accessibility for applications requiring bulky molds or supplementary devices.
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