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It belonged to him like his suppleness of thumb, or his peculiar way of tilting up his hat at the back every now and then, as if he were contemplating some half-finished work of his hand and thinking about it.
Pleasant had an eye for sailors, and she noticed the unused colour and texture of the hands, sunburnt though they were, as sharply as she noticed their unmistakable loosneness and suppleness, as he sat himself down with his left arm carelessly thrown across his left leg a little above the knee, and the right arm as carelessly thrown over the elbow of the wooden chair, with the hand curved, half open and half shut, as if it had just let go a rope.
"Fencing requires good core body and leg strength as well as flexibility and suppleness. These are the same muscles that help prevent falls in old age."
Fencing requires good core, body and leg strength, as well as flexibility and suppleness. These are the same muscles that help prevent falls in old age.
This then gives the material an all-new feeling of suppleness and flexibility, which has been highly evaluated on multiple fronts.
The cream, too, is packed with amino acid and minerals that helps replenish essential moisture to skin, supporting a look of natural resilience, suppleness, and a super-soft feel.
Their suppleness also made them the ideal mount for traditional games like Chovgan and Sur-papa.
Promoted by Korean actress Lee Na-young, Pra.L promises to rejuvenate the skin with various effects such as moisturizing, and bringing youth and suppleness to the skin.
Lin shared her biggest problem when practicing opera is the suppleness. "My body is not flexible, so every time doing splits or bending is very painful," she said.
Developing suppleness through special exercises has a decisive role in preventing dislocation.
Then practise gentle suppleness and mobility exercises in each part of your body, your hips, shoulders, neck, arms and core muscles.
Internally, it has been retuned for an even sharper ride without losing any of its suppleness.