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Supplex stripe vest with hidden support, pounds 10, and Supplex yoga pants, pounds 14, both from George at Asda.
The Kombat 2000 fabric of the new kit is among the most innovative in Soccer shirt technology - a Supplex fabric with a Lycra content.
The image conscious teenager has been chosen as the new face of Reebok, modelling everything from sports bra tops, supplex shorts, kick flare leggings and unitards.
WELL COLLARED: Joe looks good in Supplex jacket, pounds 45, teamed with blue- faced steel watch, pounds 50
Firm Fit Supplex Tights in theatrical pink, light toast, & black, $11
While George at ASDA offers a Supplex stripe stripe vest with hidden support, pounds 10, and yoga pants at pounds 14.
When choosing these styles look for a lycra or supplex mix in the fabric for best results.
You will also find that some of these fabrics, especially Ultrex-coated Supplex Nylon, feel remarkably soft and pliable for waterproof textiles.
Reading the hang tag on a fitness garment can be like trying to make sense of quantum physics - Antron, Lycra, Spandex, cotton-polyester-spandex, Coolmax, Supplex.