supplied with arms

See: armed
References in classic literature ?
The next thing I laid hold of was a brace of pistols, and as I already had a powder-horn and bullets, I felt myself well supplied with arms.
"There is a problem in Yemen, it is that the political process has not begun, that Saudi Arabia feels regularly attacked by the Huthis, who are themselves supplied with arms by Iran," French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.
He called the security ministries to resort to other countries to be supplied with arms, ammunition, helicopters and explosives' detectors, in addition to street-to-street war equipment.
And the millions who died, in Yugoslavia, Somalia, Haiti, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Panama, at the hands of all the terrorists, dictators, and genocidists whom the American government supported, trained, bankrolled, and supplied with arms. And this is far from being a comprehensive list.