supply aid

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It was, I confess, beyond my hope to meet with this rare combination of elements both solid and attractive, adapted to supply aid in graver labors and to cast a charm over vacant hours; and but for the event of my introduction to you (which, let me again say, I trust not to be superficially coincident with foreshadowing needs, but providentially related thereto as stages towards the completion of a life's plan), I should presumably have gone on to the last without any attempt to lighten my solitariness by a matrimonial union.
7mn internal project included cash and supply aid to support the needy families which amounted to QR1.
The National Letter of Intent document states that they have to supply aid for a year and you have to go there for a year," Ragin said.
The Yylmaz family was added to regular list of the organization to supply aid periodically.
His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, ordered an air bridge to supply aid to the earthquake victims.
Ministers will also discuss military efforts to support both Iraqi and Kurdish armed forces, how to cut IS financing, and supply aid for those caught in the crossfire.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Indian interlocutor on Kashmir and Chief Information Commissioner, MM Ansari, has said that Indian army establishment did not want international agencies to supply aid to flood victims in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).
As lots of Australians were being persuaded to fight with the ISIS, three out of five Australians are personally in favour of the government's decision to supply aid in Iraq.
This week a United Nations Mi-8 cargo helicopter was shot down during a mission to supply aid in the northern oil town of Bentiu.
It is a fact that numerous aid convoys and UN aid teams are trying to supply aid to various regions through Turkey but the strategy, whatever it is, that the world powers have adopted in dealing with Assad is sending out a clear message: "We know you are doing all this without caring about the world, but we are not going to take any action.
He said France was continuing to supply aid through "possible channels", via the UN and also via the Syrian National Coalition, which represents the bulk of the opposition forces in Syria.

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