supply funds

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His mother in New York would supply funds, and he was to write to her once a month.
141 of 2004, which applies to small and very small enterprises, as it will grant the Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Development Authority, the power to supply funds directly or indirectly, and provide technical support to SMEs and startups.
Our team saw a Time magazine article about a Tulsa teacher panhandling for school supply funds, said Link Gotcher, general manager at Tulsa Hyundai.
AstraZeneca will also supply funds to the university over a five-year period.
These mortgage lenders could then replenish their supply funds and in return have more capital available to lend to more borrowers.
After years of negotiation, which sped up when emerging economies were asked to supply funds during the 2008 global financial crisis, the stake-holdings have shifted more toward China and other developing countries but the IMF and World Bank are still largely Western-led.
The ECB also has the power to refuse permission for the Greek central bank to supply funds under the ELA requiring a two thirds majority, and reviews the procedure every two weeks with their next meeting on the 18th February.'
In year 2000, Pakistan had taken a major initiative when PAEC and National Center for Physics committed to supply funds for Resistive Plate Chamber.
The Sunday protest, which was led by the Israeli Society for People with Autism, called upon the government to legislate regulations of the rights of children suffering from autism and supply funds to deal with the phenomenon of about 16 million US dollars, Xinhua reported.
The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Transport that will additionally supply funds from its budget for settling liabilities based on VAT.
Typically, mortgage liquidity centres supply funds to primary lenders in two ways: either through wholesale loans or through loan purchases.