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As a verb, furnishing funds or means for maintenance; to maintain; to provide for; to enable to continue; to carry on. To provide a means of livelihood. To vindicate, to maintain, to defend, to uphold with aid or countenance.

As a noun, that which furnishes a livelihood; a source or means of living; subsistence, sustenance, maintenance, or living.

Support includes all sources of living that enable a person to live in a degree of comfort suitable and befitting her station in life. Support encompasses housing, food, clothing, health, nursing, and medical needs, along with adequate recreation expenses. Most states impose a legal duty on an individual to support his or her spouse and children.


Child Support.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

SUPPORT. The right of support is an easement which one man, either by contract or prescription, enjoys, to rest the joists or timbers of his house upon the wall of an adjoining building, owned by another person. 3 Kent, Com. 435. Vide Lois des Bat. part. 1, c. 3, s. a. 1, Sec. T; Party wall.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Alfeky forecasted that EGX30 will come near its support level again, noting that if the index remained above that level, it will lead to an end of profit taking, to rise, aiming at 14,800 points.
Support levels in a tiered model do not need to be exclusive as this model works best with a fluid continuum.
"Currently traders are keen to selling on every recovery, and are buying back from support levels inorder to reduce their average buying cost.
It is quite disappointing that the index broke below the key support level at 7,500.
Nabil added that the last rebounding move did not include the Commercial International Bank (CIB), which was still trading under EGP 74, adding that the first resistance for the leading share is near EGP 76 during the upcoming week, while the support level is still around EGP 73.
A penetrated support level for example, can often become the new resistance level above which the currency will struggle to rise.
After 6,500, he said the next key support level for the market would be at 6,000.
The 1580 support level mentioned in last week's note did come into play.
The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) General Index closed at 2,740.68, down 0.08 per cent, just a few days after it breached its critical 2,800 support level, which signalled further downside for the index.
Share prices may decline further this week with the next support level seen at 7,400, analysts said.
Analysts guess that EGX30 will move sideways narrowly with a support level of 8,248 points and a resistance level of 8,343 points, in light of the ambiguity of the Central Bank of Egypt's (CBE) decision on the Egyptian pound exchange rate crisis.

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