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By migrating legacy FoxPro, Access, VB, dbase and ASP-based applications, clients reap the benefits of a scalable, flexible and supportable environment while improving the performance and reliability of their existing applications.
Committed leadership, proactive planning, stable funding, effective test and evaluation, best value sustainment, and timely execution are all important mechanisms to ensure supportable, operationally available, and mission-capable weapon systems.
Paul played a key role during the deliberations and was instrumental in assisting the Workgroup in shaping a compromise bill that was supportable by all parties.
will support a land cost that is generally not supportable in today's market.
AMERICAN SYSTEMS is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of professional and engineering services for the successful and timely acquisition of affordable, logistically supportable equipment for the mission-critical scenarios they support," said William C.
The services place an emphasis on accelerating knowledge and skills transfer by helping customers to maximize their existing investments and make them manageable, supportable, scalable and optimized.
If the accounting methodology for a transaction or event involves different alternatives or a good degree of estimating and judgment, or represents an evolving area in accounting, or is unclear, unusual, or not fully supportable, then management has the tools and the temptation to manipulate financial reporting.
We are eager to continue under contract to further develop, integrate, and test the VCOP system to ensure that the resulting commercial design is producible and supportable.
For purposes of the 2000 annual statement, preparers should ensure that estimated liabilities associated with prior years are appropriate and supportable.

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