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The first step in your conversion funnel is to define supporter personas.
Tim Hartley, chair of Cardiff City Supporters' Trust, said: "These results send a clear message to our football club that fans want to see a supporter director on the board as happens at other clubs such as Swansea City, Portsmouth and Newport County.
SUPPORTERS Direct and the Football Supporters' Federation will host the joint annual Supporters' Summit at Wembley Stadium this month.
Student LIAM ROBINSON, 16, of Low fell, a supporter for four years said: "Could the town ask for anymore?
A SKY Blues protest march will be held as supporter frustration grows at the club's move to Northampton.
Arvind Kejriwal failed to do anything in Delhi as Chief Minister", said Rakesh, a BJP supporter.
AVST will also focus on wider supporter issues, such as ticket pricing for home and away fans, safe-standing and grassroots football, working under the umbrella of Supporters Direct which looks after fans' interests on a national level.
Three seats on the forum will go to supporter groups NUFC Fans United, the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and the Newcastle United Disabled Supporters Association, but the rest are available to fans from every section of the supporter base.
Mourners at the funeral of a young supporter of Mursi.
The key recommendations from the committee include the establishment of a Government Expert Group to explore ways of removing barriers to increased collective supporter share ownership in football clubs.
However, our long-held view that supporter ownership is right for Liverpool Football Club remains unaltered.
At left, a Musavi supporter drives off a policeman with a well-thrown rock.

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