supporting structure

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The following primary loads are used for analysis and design of equipment supporting structure as per ASCE-7-05.
The table slides to position the surface preform opposite the supporting structure. The two mould cavities differ in dimensions by the desired thickness of foam, which can vary across the part.
The tendered services include the steel construction work for the supporting structure of the roof, the support structure boiler house and container hall and the supporting structure for the faade / building envelope in connection with the conversion of the existing heat and power plant (khkw) josefstrasse into the new energy center josefstrasse (ezjo) for the future district heating supply for the city of zurich.
The two thin plastic plates moulded to the shape of the body and forming the seat and the back of the chair, seem barely anchored by the supporting structure and can be individually angled and coordinated to your particular height and weight.
Steel 'bamboo' stems are integrated into the supporting structure. This lush enclave is flanked by a smaller water and rock filled court, which provides a long vista across the surrounding polder landscape through a glazed connecting passage on the south side of the building.
So antennae on the tower are of much smaller diameter than originally envisaged, making the supporting structure seem inappropriately beefy.
wooden platform / ventilation with supporting structure and wooden slats approx.
48 sqm gratings 1.5 to supporting structures made of section steel 47 lfm flat steel railing, Galvanized 63 lfm round steel columns as supporting structure canopies 80 lfm section steel as a supporting structure canopies 54 lfm ramp railing, Galvanized 32 lm of canopy sheets, Aluminum

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