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Ah it would be, but I suppose I can only put my best foot forward.
Suppose their lives quiver like Thelonius Monk fingers
He explains that LNT works something like this: suppose we learned from studies that when 100 people jump off a 100-foot tower, all 100 people die.
As a base case, suppose the two corporations do not join in filing a consolidated return and the merger of A and B does not qualify as a D reorganization.
Suppose that it is a woman, and that she will be embarking in Manila, and that she will start working tomorrow as a housekeeper, as many Filipino women in Israel are now doing; and suppose that she will meet there a construction worker from Rumania, and that the two of them will fall in love and marry while (in all likelihood, illegally) remaining in Israel; and suppose they have a daughter who grows up there, in the slums of south Tel Aviv, and whose mother tongue (since it will be the language spoken brokenly between them by her parents) will be Hebrew.
Suppose we had told Japan in advance they could keep the Emperor?
Suppose this November you calculate that you'll have $5,000 in net capital gains for the year.
But suppose you could buy a $20 option on a stock trading at 12 and Vegas was willing to spot you five points.
Astrophysicists suppose that the remnants may be too faint to be seen or that pulsars have a way of escaping from the remnants, but to strengthen the credibility of the theory they would still like to find more pulsars in supernova remnants.
The corporations would basically pull land off the market and lock it up as a company asset for many years--of course, if they built apartments, et cetera, I suppose that could be seen as a public service.
Suppose you're Daulton Lee when Chris Boyce first approaches him with the idea of selling secrets to the Soviet Union.
Our friendship made us rebels in our own way, I suppose, though we didn't think of ourselves as such.