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A widespread claim, which the author calls the Emotionality Claim (EC), is that imagination but not supposition is intimately linked to emotion.
To a question whether anyone in Pakistan knew that bin Laden was living there Defense Secretary Gates said "So I just want to underscore, it's my supposition - I think it's a supposition shared by a number in this government - that somebody had to know, but we have no idea who, and we have no proof or no evidence.
My supposition is: Somebody knew," Gates told reporters at a Pentagon briefing.
Now he tries his luck with Supposition, a Khalid Abdullah-owned daughter of Dansili who will be making her debut as a three-year-old.
Supposition turned into a very smart juvenile last year when her efforts included a fine third in the Moyglare Stakes, but hasn't been seen since disappointing in a Group 3 at the Curragh in September.
BANK on Supposition to give trainer Dermot Weld his second Moyglare Stud Stakes success at the Curragh tomorrow.
Another supposition is that recent flooding has reseeded the area with cottonwood and willow saplings.
The supposition is that the Hardinges took the rap for a royal misadventure.
He bases his contention that the southern middle class condemned the ethic of honor, notably dueling, on the questionable supposition that they were overwhelmingly evangelical Christians.
From a supposition of the first guitarist in America (a Spanish solider named Juan Garcia y Talvarea, 1576) to jazz, blues and rock, these chapters contain some of the most beguiling stories about the instrument, its players, promoters and other assorted personages.
It is possible that studies of the effects of pesticides on adults could enhance our understanding of how pesticides affect children, but the party(s) sponsoring the study would need to provide some evidence for this supposition.