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Also, this result cannot be explained by Suppositional theory (Evans & Over, 2004; Evans et al.
Assertoric force may present content as true, but it is not obvious that suppositional force or interrogative force (the illocutionary force of questions) present content as having some property.
I find Rahim Acar's attempt in Talking about God and Talking about Creation: Avicenna's and Thomas Aquinas's Positions (Leiden: Brill, 2005), to map Avicenna's God's volitional necessity onto Thomas's God's suppositional necessity unconvincing (Thomas holds that creation is necessary insofar as God has willed it: ST I, q.
Even though there is no substantial evidence of conditional probability computation, and therefore little or no evidence for a suppositional account of conditional reasoning that relies on conditional probability computation, there are several important caveats that should be borne in mind.
At a foundational, suppositional level, a clash in values exists in many areas.
The suppositional projection on the opponent's appeal for spirituality (God eliminates the evil couple) seems to be contradictory to the Mockingbird's ideology of absolute Westernization and embrace to the colonialism and Christianity.
The constructed coherence and unity of Protestant Mulcaster's narrative is thus contrasted with the disjunctive, suppositional one of Catholic Schivenoglia.
The criteria for decision making under Bush's policy, in contrast to existing legal precedent, became the "plausibility" of an imaginative description that, in the irrepressible present tense of narrative, suppresses (even as it makes possible) the suppositional nature of the threat.
In other words, Simpson and Davidson's argument-presented as a suppositional fact that can be taken for granted-opens up the suspicion that although the Scenario may seem to have resolved the problems of plotting, they recurred as soon as Hawthorne set about writing the romance in accordance with the new plan.
In the absence of hard evidence or even highly probative evidence, the new Buckingham boldly shifts the traditional responsibilities of textual editing and attribution to a suppositional and putative plane, wherein 'an edition' becomes a gathering of closely researched and annotated 'associative' writings.
Among the many beautiful interpretations in these essays are Benoit's exploration of reading: chapter four recounts how the process of simultaneous negation and proposition, via the use of comme si, peut-etre, and suppositional verb tenses, is key to the way a poem's meaning, for readers, "s'actualise en notre esprit" (68), and the fascinating discussion of fashion in chapter ten reveals how Mallarme's descriptions of knickknacks, gaslights, top hats, and women's dresses aimed to deepen his readers' apprehension of the transcendent within "l'univers mondain" (150).
Suppositional information is data that are hypothetical in nature and may be assumed to be true or accurate based on opinions, previous experience, or personal background.