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Imaginings and supposings presumably present their contents with something like suppositional force) Desires, for their part, present their content with imperatival force.
I find Rahim Acar's attempt in Talking about God and Talking about Creation: Avicenna's and Thomas Aquinas's Positions (Leiden: Brill, 2005), to map Avicenna's God's volitional necessity onto Thomas's God's suppositional necessity unconvincing (Thomas holds that creation is necessary insofar as God has willed it: ST I, q.
Moreover, the necessity of actions in the moral world is suppositional, as are natural processes in general.
At a foundational, suppositional level, a clash in values exists in many areas.
The suppositional projection on the opponent's appeal for spirituality (God eliminates the evil couple) seems to be contradictory to the Mockingbird's ideology of absolute Westernization and embrace to the colonialism and Christianity.
In one example, she compares an unpublished draft of a poem that makes a definitive statement--"Beware When He Awakes"--to the version that appeared in print, which moves to the suppositional, and strangely ungrammatical, "Beware Lest He Awakes" (a line that is not a typographical error, for it gets repeated several times).
While McDonald favorably cites the work of Patricia Parker, he remains far more reluctant than she to press suppositional claims much beyond the scope of the plays themselves.
11) While in that book the first two pairs are in the foreground, here he focuses on the last one: the suppositional selfishness of sexual desire as a threat to the conception of disinterestedness in the Essay.
We listen or we read on, gradually piecing together a picture of the speaker, getting a hold upon the poem; but the indeterminacy of its opening is a reminder of all that is uncertain and suppositional in our relationship with the world.
It is not true, however, that holding judges to the laws of the jurisdiction that creates and empowers them--instead of laws of other jurisdictions--and to the historical and linguistic intent of the laws before them--not to depart into realms of suppositional law--is either ignorance of judicio-legal history, or surreptitious "code" language.
The Administration has repeated the suppositional relationship between Saddam Hussein and the attacks of 9/11 so often that polls are finding most Americans believe there actually was a connection even though none has been shown to exist.
The uncertain nature of this relationship between the external appearance and the inner quality of the log makes the visual quality assessment quite suppositional.