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in The Signifying Monkey in advancing the contrary view that dialectical process, flux, and ferment characterize African American literature, Butler adopts the supposition that African American fiction is the site of resistance to, rather than a recording of, victimization.
In short, Shakespeare and Carnival raises a variety of interesting aspects of Shakespeare understood through Bakhtin, but has the good sense and caution to call its own suppositions in this area into some degree of questioning.
The suppositions and theories espoused by (direct-record electronic) critics contending that DRE systems are more susceptible to tampering are completely unfounded,'' McCormack said.
This chain of suppositions is not unusual in Willis' presentation; one longs for examples that clearly and unambiguously show her theory in practice.
Scharlin attempts to locate the specific axiomatic suppositions and prejudices that underlie not only life drawing, composite sketches, and courtroom drawings but any system that gives the appearance of objectivity.
ABC also contradicted suppositions that it profited from the arrangement.
Baldauf-Berdes's discussions of her archival data are problematic: in particular, there is a great deal of presentation without interpretation, and undocumented suppositions are not clearly distinguished from verifiable material.
Set in Germany during World War I, the film outlines a complex series of relationships between French prisoners and their German captors, aristocrats and commoners, soldiers and civilians, Jews and gentiles and men and women, and how all of their suppositions about one another prove as illusory as their many rationalizations for fighting.
But even though doctors try to explain to patients why their allergies get worse at different times, explanations are often only suppositions, said Cathy Pollak, a health educator with the asthma foundation.
We felt that the suppositions had been intrusive to his privacy by printing things that were inaccurate.
The Vatican said it released Buzzonetti's medical assessment to combat ``the news, suppositions and rumors that have been spread in recent weeks.