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1495), the term cultre must have been replaced with joyel in one of their later common ancestors, possibly in the suppositious edition of Flores's romance issued by Jacobo Cromberger around 1510.
He notes that this kind of argument can be made on two bases: the first is based on power but is purely suppositious.
This uncertainty about genre and purpose is aggravated by Porat's decision to write in a novelistic style, with present-tense narration and a number of invented or suppositious details.
a suppositious pedigree, a silver mug on which an anciently engraved coat-of-arms has been half scrubbed out, a seal with an uncertain crest, an old yellow letter or document, in faded ink, the more scarcely legible the better--rubbish of this kind .
Gilmore and Black, above n 21, 3, refer to 'this suppositious code'.
Although one supposes that the thief described in the documents as a servant to Thomas Talbot might have been excepted, this is the only even suppositious anomaly.
In Disraeli's suppositious personal history, he made out that his family could trace its origins back to the ancient world.
In the last instance, indeed, wakefulness became a kind of mortification, the signature of values displaced from the here and now to a suppositious future.