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[As.sup.3+] reduced eNOS activity in a concentration-dependent manner (Figure 2A), suggesting that [As.sup.3+] can suppress vascular NO production in endothelial cells.
Dickerson was charged with bank robbery and later moved to suppress the statements he made at the FBI office and the evidence seized at his apartment.
The pathogenesis of the lesion could then be explained by the fact that DEHP significantly suppressed estradiol production in ovarian granulosa cells, and the lowered estradiol was insufficient to trigger an ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone (LH).
The defendant contends that the court should permit the late filing of the motion to suppress for good cause.
Ramesh's latest grant will allow him to further investigate the ability of IL-24 to suppress tumor growth in both cell culture dishes and animal research models.
In previous research, it has been found that, in general, men are more likely to suppress their emotions.
In previous studies, researchers found that infusions of a single bNAb did not suppress HIV because resistant strains developed in some individuals.
WE, AS the recipients of Free Speech Must not, and cannot, allow our press to be suppressed!
1, where she called upon the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police 'to suppress and quell the rebellion.' The order was lifted five days later.
In due time I'll have to give this a try in my 6.8 and 6.5 rifles, because some of them are more than a bit pouty when I suppress them.
In a letter to the President, they said: "Quite simply, the classification of the RDI programme is suppressing evidence, suppressing the truth and ultimately will suppress any real justice."
A team of researchers including those from Hiroshima University has identified a gene that acts to suppress the onset of leukemia and other blood cancers even after DNA damage caused by exposure to radiation, according to a study published in a U.S.