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While the study showed that exercise suppresses appetite hormones, the next step is to establish whether this change actually causes the suppression of eating.
Administration of tetrandrine suppresses neovascularization of the choroidal capillary, which is facilitated by VEGF in culture (Kobayashi et al.
Once the gene that suppresses Schwann cell growth is "mapped" or located, scientists can begin to develop gene therapy to control the overproduction of these cells in individuals with acoustic neurinoma.
SED-AM also suppresses mold growth anywhere on the installed panels.
Biomass smoke significantly suppresses natural levels of UV-B, and severe smoke pollution reduced UV-B by up to 95% during the burning seasons in Brazil in 1995 (Mims 1996) and 1997 (Mims FM III, White B, unpublished data).
A drug that suppresses EPO might have drawbacks, notes George L.
Abarelix suppresses the release of the hormone testosterone, which helps prostate cancer tumors grow.
In order to solve this problem, SANYO has developed the virus washer system, which suppresses and removes bacteria without the use of any chemicals.
Now, researchers report that an experimental drug suppresses this inflammation mechanism.
Likewise, MEHP suppresses aromatase levels without altering levels of P450scc (Lovekamp and Davis 2001).
Though it can increase the risk of skin cancer, it is also beneficial because it suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin and helps reset circadian rhythms so you sleep better at night, says Dr.
Eight lens elements in six groups provide high resolution, while advanced coating suppresses flare and ghosting.