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The findings prompted the team to conclude that the gene Samd9L is responsible for suppressing leukemia and MDS.
This gentleman has a vested interest in suppressing the black voter turnout in this state," says John Hickey, executive director of the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition.
In Communist areas and those influenced by religious fundamentalism, they are no longer content with suppressing individuals; they destroy all objects and buildings linked to freedom of worship," Father Cervellera said.
Rather than suppressing symptoms, as with common 'traditional' drugs, homeopathic formulas work naturally, without fear of overdosing or contraindications.
Censorship, in the sense of suppressing a text or discourse, in this case was very local.
Research on the potential anticancer drug rapamycin has revealed a possible new mechanism for suppressing large numbers of genes simultaneously, rather than each gene individually.
Extracts from blueberries and blackberries weren't effective against the two cervical cancer cell lines tested, but they suppressed breast cancer cell growth--each fruit suppressing a different cell line.
SMART does not question the tactical wisdom of maximally suppressing HIV RNA once a patient undertakes a HAART regimen.
With PTGS, viral mRNA or mRNA precursors are produced incorrectly and quickly degrade after synthesis, suppressing viral infections by limiting the accumulation of the viral RNA.
ACORN (Association of Community Orgnaizers for Reform Now) sees the case strictly as an example of a landlord suppressing tenants' rights to organize.
By contrast, in 1984 Ronald Reagan ran as an unchallenged incumbent who was able to fully orchestrate his convention, suppressing all conflicts between moderates and the new right, the country club traditionalists, and the Christian fundamenlists.