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The gravity of the situation, and the sharpness of the doctor's intellects, as expressed in his eyes, made anything like a suppression of facts on my part a desperately dangerous experiment.
They are related, without suppression or reserve, in a little narrative which my husband wrote, at the time of our marriage, for the satisfaction of one of his absent relatives, whose good opinion he was unwilling to forfeit.
Is the suppression or the development of that wickedness a mere question of training and temptation?
He arose and related the history of the suppression of the book.
I'm in two dialogues--`The Society for the Suppression of Gossip' and `The Fairy Queen.
But Mr Wititterly's feelings were beyond the power of suppression.
By the fortune of this single fight, followed only by stern suppression of spasmodic outbreaks, William established himself and his vassals as masters of the land.
Here a torrent of tears had the same consequence with what the suppression had occasioned to Mr Allworthy, and she remained silent.
Life is ESSENTIALLY appropriation, injury, conquest of the strange and weak, suppression, severity, obtrusion of its own forms, incorporation and at least, putting it mildest, exploitation.
He shall not, through any suppression of mine, be informed of a part of it, and kept in ignorance of another part of it.
If Miss Verinder is not privy to the suppression of the Diamond, what do these things mean?
The attempted attack on the road was one of those resources, and the suppression of all practical proof of his crime, by destroying the page of the register on which the forgery had been committed, was the other, and the surest of the two.