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As discussed in the authors' article on the history of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, (3) conventional systems in current use were developed in the 1950s.
In this study, we applied the joint use of features extracted from the time and frequency domains to burst suppression segmentation, to enhance the accuracy of segmentation conventionally conducted solely in the time domain.
This bill includes a provision that would allow access to the Disaster Relief Fund if wildfire suppression costs exceed the 10-year average.
In addition, fuel treatments may reduce future expenditures on fire suppression and some measure of these cost savings can be discounted and credited to the treatment.
The multivariate model reported in this Chapter has fire suppression costs as a function of 18 independent variables, the outcome of a successful project in assembling and analyzing a large and difficult dataset, but in the end the authors find that 'much variation in expenditures remains unexplained' (p.
In these patients, who were typically closer to the age of natural menopause onset and had cancers with a more favorable pathology than women who underwent chemotherapy, adding ovarian suppression offered no further advantage over tamoxifen alone, added Dr.
Sandvik fire suppression systems are manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia, and there are currently around 5,000 of its systems in operation around Australia.
CFD software is well suited for the tunnel environment as the software has the capabilities of modeling the complex scenarios created by fire, high air velocities from the ventilation system, and water particles from the fire suppression system.
Viral suppression was defined as a viral load <200 copies/mL as measured using the last viral load reported at 4-15 months after diagnosis.
main effect of Suppression condition on direct memory for food; see Kircanski et al.