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08 percent) have higher malaria suppressive effect than the methanol bark extract (74.
It has been reported that the oil of the Neem seeds exhibit a suppressive effect on the nymph and adults of the strawberry aphid.
Patients without a prodrome (that is, pain, tingling, burning) to trigger dosing and who have painful or disfiguring lesions may be the ideal candidates for suppressive therapy.
5,6) Physicians may be hesitant to use high dose suppressive therapy because patients frequently present with intact cognition, making the risks of high dose suppressive therapy seem unacceptably high.
If they received any sort of suppressive therapy within the last year, they had to have least one recurrence within stopping their suppressive therapy.
The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the US government and the American forces as well as the United Nations Secretary General and his Special Representative for Iraq to such suppressive acts by the Iraqi government and their dangerous consequences, and calls on the American forces to guarantee protection of the camp residents.
He no doubt realises that freedom of speech is a quintessential aspect of our human rights, and I hope he is grateful for what Brian is actually doing to defend this against what I see as an increasingly suppressive government.
Q: Four years ago I was diagnosed with genital herpes, but I am on suppressive therapy with Valtrex and don't have outbreaks now.
The two of them began to lay suppressive fire while taking cover in a nook in the cliff face.
The allowed claims relate to kits comprised of reovirus and an immune suppressive agent that are designed to prevent reovirus recognition by the immune system.
Williams realized the Soldiers were in greater need of suppressive fire, so he expended 120 rounds of ammunition from his M4 carbine upon the enemy.
Suppressive therapy with levothyroxine can be used to decrease thyroid size for cosmetic reasons or in the case of mild local symptoms, although response is variable (SOR: B, based on small placebo-controlled trials).