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the shift toward supranational action and formal rulemaking has created
With this RFI, UNOPS/StopTB-GDF seeks to identify potential WHO Supranational Reference Laboratories that are able to provide standardized quality assurance testing (qualitative/quantitative) of TB diagnostics products (equipment, reagents/ supplies for microscopy, culture, drug susceptibility testing of M.
The report describes Fitch's criteria for rating supranationals, most of which are multilateral development banks (MDBs).
Afreximbank is a supranational financial institution whose purpose is to help facilitate promote and expand intra/ extra-African trade.
Trump's potentially malevolent influence into the supranational organisation at precisely the moment when it must work towards deepening its political and economic integration: another reason why the UK, and its potentially malign influence, must be kept firmly out of the club once it leaves.
The Bank of Latvia has also been buying supranational bonds.
With the idea of creating a global supranational currency Kazakh leader serves more than one year.
interests by bringing war criminals to justice." (3) This focus on national interests stands in contrast to the approach to supranational criminal justice taken in some other parts of the world.
"But as for Europe, this is not just a supranational body.
interest for states as well as for supranational organisations.
The Award was established in 2008 as a reward for outstanding achievements of citizens, groups, associations or organisations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment in the promotion of a better mutual understanding and a closer integration between the citizens of the Member States and to facilitate the cross-border or supranational cooperation, within the EU.
"Kazakhstan has a clear and consistent position to exclude the possibility of introducing a single or supranational currency within the Eurasian Economic Union.