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MIR, which is elicited by the stimulation of the mental or supraorbital nerves, consists of 2 phases of suppression (SP1 and SP2).
3) The reported origins for orbital Schwannomas are oculomotor, ciliary and supraorbital nerves.
Other complications of FST include (1) supratrochlear and supraorbital nerve and vessel injury with resultant hypoesthesia of the ipsilateral forehead and scalp, (2) poor wound healing, and (3) possibly hypertrophic scarring.
The supraorbital nerve is localized and dissected from its foramen or incisura.
The supraorbital nerve is one of the main cutaneous nerves supplying the forehead and scalp region.
5-8 BR occurs with electrical or mechanical stimulation of supraorbital nerve and includes three responses: Early response is the ipsilateral response to the stimulation (R1), and two late responses are the ipsilateral and contra lateral responses (R2i and R2k).