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SUPREMACY. Sovereign dominion, authority, and preeminence; the highest state. In the United States, the supremacy resides in the people, and is exercises by their constitutional representatives, the president and congress. Vide Sovereignty.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the box alongside, I have given the equivalent New Supremacy for each of a range of old supremacies, so that you can easily compare prices between the two.
Other markets - Spreadex: Supremacies - (1pt per run, 20pts per wicket, 10pts per catch, any n/r's void bets)- 0-10 Caddick & Bulbeck/McGrath & Sheriyar, 15-25 Hick & Solanki/Cox & Holloway, 5-15 Turner & Rose/Rhodes & Leatherdale; Glenn McGrath performance (30pts per caught & bowled, 25pts per bowled wicket, 20pts per lbw,15pts per caught wicket, -1pt per run conceded, must bowl min of eight overs) 5-15; Other match - 5-15 Surrey/Middlesex (h).
Match supremacies - Hills (10 per win, 3 per leg): Mason/Brown 15-20, Manley/Harvey 15-20.
Hills match supremacies (10/win, 3/leg): Evison/Allsop 9-12, Mawson/Smith 1-4, Manning/Bristow 4-7, Harvey/Lauby 9-12, Harrington/Lowe 8-11, Anderson/Deller 2-5, Mason/Part 1-4, Manley/Burnett 1-4.