supreme contempt

See: disdain
References in classic literature ?
Among other peculiarities, this curiosity gave himself out for a sublime ignoramus, "like Shakespeare," and professed supreme contempt for all scientific men.
replied he, and having honoured me with a broad stare--which, contrary to his expectations, I sustained without flinching-he turned away with an air of supreme contempt, and stalked into the house.
Lady Janet's bright black eyes answered before she replied in words, with a look of supreme contempt.
At length, a gloomy derision came upon his features, and he smiled; uttering meanwhile with supreme contempt the monosyllable 'Joe
His supreme contempt for his own limbs, as he sat smoking, was one of the pleasantest oddities I have ever encountered.
On such occasions he was apt to evince a supreme contempt for his opponents.
Uttering these words with supreme contempt and great irritation of manner, Ralph signed hastily to Newman to leave the room; and throwing himself into his chair, beat his foot impatiently upon the ground.
It had to be done to free Europe, the continent where democracy was born, from the Nar-zizz, as Churchill called them, with supreme contempt.
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