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Speaking on the occasion of the Avanza s launch, Adel Ezzat, managing director of marketing at AbdulLatif Jamil Company, said, The introduction of the Avanza in the Kingdom complements our extensive product range with a supremely versatile and practical vehicle which has a dynamic and elegant appeal with its clever design.
However, Kumar countered Modi allegations and said the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government would do whatever was supremely necessary in overarching national interest despite politically motivated charges of policy paralysis.
THE US Tour season may be winding down after the FedEx Cup play-offs, but it could still be a massive week for golf punters, with RPSPORT's legendary tipster Jeremy Chapman supremely confident that Justin Leonard is a favourite to trust in the Texas Open, writes Steve Palmer.
A SUPREMELY BAD IDEA: THREE MAD BIRDERS AND THEIR QUEST TO SEE IT ALL tells of the author's mad involvement in the world of birding, and an ensuing journey around America in search of the rarest, most beautiful birds in the country.
Amiddle-class couple take a trip to hoodie hell in a supremely nasty little shocker - and a supremely familiar one, too.
Having been stung once by a very bad decision, when permission was granted for the supremely ugly NatWest Tower in Birmingham city centre, it is understandable that planning committee members are wary of a proposal to build a taller 35-storey glass-fronted skyscraper on the same site.
After the battling 1-1 draw at Liverpool, which saw Wigan climb out of the bottom three, the former Birmingham chief was supremely confident that he is getting things right at the JJB stadium.
The film does struggle when it plays old-fashioned Nancy against her cool Los Angeles schoolmates, saddling her with a supremely irritating fat-kid sidekick called Corky (Josh Flitter).
It is supremely a game played on a pristine field, an intricate complex of dirt, grass, and lines, a design of fair and foul zones.
He was courteous, prepared to have a robust political discussion and supremely confident of his chances of winning despite being the unfancied underdog.
And that's supremely important because, as we've already proven, machining is not going to be a cash cow.
In Khan's kathak solo honoring Lord Krishna's playful nature, he swiftly covered the floor with feline leaps and swirling turns, while Taiwanese choreographer Lin Hwai Min's solo for Guillem seasoned her supremely flexible body, high extensions, and balance with Asian movements.