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During a Local Law 10 inspection you make sure things are up there securely," he said.
Throughout the first two weeks at home, ParadigmHealth follows up with the infant's parents to make sure things are going as planned and to answer any additional questions.
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: There are few sure things in Las Vegas.
As an added bonus, when you and your guy are "on," he may be on his toes to keep you happy and make sure things stick.
I have still to discuss everything and make sure things are done properly, but I do see myself being around to begin the rebuilding of the team.
Our specially-designed plan gave employees time to get comfortable with the new software, but we also made sure things moved along efficiently to keep the Bank of Scotland on schedule with their proposed return on investment.
While ``Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith,'' ``Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'' and ``War of the Worlds,'' are blockbusters, there appear to be fewer sure things from the summer feature film front to lead retail activity.