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Sureness led home the trio but beaten a distance by the eighth finisher in the 11-strong field.
The sureness of touch that director Christopher Nolan brings to the film helps give the movie a certain sense of grandeur.
Rizaov adds that aggressively, as never before, Gruevski imposes his sureness in an absolute victory at these early parliamentary elections too.
the four-year-old daughter of Strategic prince made all of the running before she succumbed by three-quarters of a length to Sureness, who has since won again.
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You can't but admire the ambition of the team at LIPA, not least gaining performing rights for the play which only premiered at the National three years ago, and then tackling what's a sprawling and complex drama with a huge number of characters (apart from the main protagonists, each cast member plays multiple roles) with a real sureness.
The arrangements are intended to improve practical sureness for businesses by taking into consideration tax risks in real time.
This gal from Newark could sing anything, and she made the country - months after it had entered the first Gulf War - feel stirrings of vigorous sureness in itself, from the middle of a football field.
In an age in which academic specialization produces scholars who know more and more about less and less, it is refreshing to find someone who can write with equal sureness of touch about a whole raft of writers, suggesting fascinating connections and comparisons between them.
With a keen political eye and uncompromising attitudes, The Levellers have led from the front for a long time but still have the sureness of touch to write pop gems like What A Beautiful Day alongside the many anthems like One Way, 15 Years and Just The One.
You can sense the sureness of his touch from the first page onwards, and if this is a first novel then that level of professionalism and self-assurance in the writing is quite remarkable.