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This production could be the surest sign of all that the old Royal Ballet, as the world loved it, is back in business, and--in that manner of back to the future--definitely moving up.
Any prospective employee should bear in mind the words of one former Palace retainer: Working for the Royals is the surest way to become a republican.
In advocating adherence to cost-based pricing as the surest path to strong underwriting performance, I always stress the importance of having access to vast quantities of high-quality data, and the right analytic tools to make sound business decisions.
Education is the surest path to an end to child labor, and it will lift millions out of poverty.
Trade is the surest way of decreasing the savage amount of poverty in our world.
While I know it's important to be an active member of my community, to stay informed on global issues, and to be involved for the greater good of humanity, I often find that the very surest way to induce depression is to watch the news or read the daily paper.
And also the person to whom I am married, or to whom I was married 11 minutes ago, is a mysterious changeable country whom I try to simply savor and appreciate rather than attempt to understand or, God help us all, predict in any way, shape, or form whatsoever, such predilection to prediction being the surest road to muttering at the bus stop.
6, '05), he provides us with a textbook example of how to convince people that moral cloudiness is the surest way to achieve moral clarity.
One of the surest things you can count on every football season is the plethora of fairy tales on the new heroes--every one of whom is hailed at the greatest quarterback, runner, or linebacker in the history of mankind.
He mines the holiday with the surest, most economic magic for almost totemic results.
Although outer clothing is water-repellent, the surest way to stay dry is to shake or brush off any ice, snow or water drops.
Whereas following popular opinion, however, is the safest and surest way for the people's representatives to enjoy the privileges of public office without needlessly suffering the risks of actual position taking;