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However, there needs to be some sort of balance between what appears to be the under-funded crimefighting arm of the police force and a surfeit of manpower in the touchy feely, get-a-cat-down-from-a-tree, branch..
The key look is skinny long legs with a surfeit of volume on top.
Despite a surfeit of recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances, patients with heart failure remain inadequately helped.
Unlike traditional brainstorming, their process is structured around "21 Great Questions for Developing New Products." Derived from a reverse-engineering exercise on 50 breakthrough ideas from many industries, the process "typically generates a surfeit of constructive ideas."
ANSWERS: 1 The Indian Ocean; 2 Morphine, from Morpheus; 3 Emperor Hirohito of Japan; 4 Kenya; 5 A surfeit of lampreys; 6 Joseph Heller; 7 The Matador; 8 Richard Strauss; 9 The hypotenuse; 10 The Scilly Isles.
Whereas other studies have focused on the incompatibility of democracy with Russian society or have concluded that a surfeit of liberalization of the economy is a main cause of democratic failure, Mr Fish takes a different approach.
There is a surfeit of capital for investment in all flavors of equity and debt.
Yet, amid this surfeit of words, we find ourselves starved for real conversation, for those ineffable moments when we connect with another to discover a heart open and a mind ablaze.
What distinguishes this book from the surfeit of recent books hyping the threat of bioterrorism are its balanced perspective and elucidation of naturally emerging disease threats, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) or West Nile virus, as exotic entities requiring a rapid and effective response; Mother Nature is quite the bioterrorist herself.
Convenience-store fare, with glossy frontispieces and pulp pages, these no-holds-barred free-wheeling nothing-is-sacred rags surfeit readers with exposes and anti-establishment broadsides.
Our local grocery store stocked an array of antimalarial medications (prescription only, stateside), and the visible surfeit of options prompted us to question the recommendations of our Western and Burmese physicians.
Recommendations for fundamental tax reform, characterized by bold, new thinking about how and what we should tax or, alternatively, a surfeit of tinkering with existing taxing regimes and patterns?