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So please notice that several serious analysts have suggested that the Chinese banking system looks rather like Japan's on the eve of the bursting bubble: lots of bad loans, extensive graft, and a "family structure" wrecked by the disastrous "'planning" system that has produced a surfeit of males.
This, together with the adverse effects of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which made income property less attractive to investors, and a surfeit of office space and apartments in various parts of the country, has produced a dearth of funds for even the most worthwhile projects.
Few things in film are more dispiriting than the spectacle of very good actors giving very bad performances--and there's already a surfeit of onscreen gloom for viewers to contend with in "The Silent Storm.
Along the way, there are some lazy romantic dramas and a surfeit of shirtless men sitting around showing off their six-packs.
Along the way, there are lazy romantic dramas, perfunctory crises of confidence and a surfeit of shirtless men sitting around showing off their six-packs.
Experts say that the surfeit of features in smartphones has perhaps killed the need to upgrade them.
Summary: DUBAI -- In a country known for its surfeit of shops, there is one obvious but untraditional way thousands celebrated Eid this time around.
Starlings (Sky1, tonight, 8pm) * SAYING Starlings is one of the best home-grown sitcoms on the box at the moment may sound like faint praise as thanks to the football and the surfeit of panel shows, there isn't a lot of competition.
This at a time when the city already has a surfeit of empty shops and offices.
Don't tell me to love this world, its surfeit of sweetness:
1135: Henry I died "of a surfeit of lampreys": although he had more known illegitimate children than any other English monarch (more than 20), his only legitimate son died before him and the disputed succession plunged the land into civil war and anarchy.