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Larry Awosika, an oceanographer at NIOMR, argues that beach nourishment alone cannot curb the ocean surge.
The industry generates about $7 billion dollars a year--with about half of that revenue comes from this surge period.
Surges are momentary events in which the electrical power exceeds the normal levels, often with devastating results.
If the machine does not contain critical information and is not connected to a network, a surge protector will suffice.
An overwhelming amount of customers purchase surge protection only after a large surge has occurred in the home, not realizing that smaller low-level surges that take place many times per day can cause just as much incremental damage overtime, said Marvin Shotts, Vice President of Sales, Partner Business, Schneider Electric.
Click through the following slides to see which states are at the most risk of storm surge damage.
Compressor surge is sometimes viewed as a common occurrence but design of a proper surge control system should be regarded as both a necessary design practice and an effective risk-mitigation measure.
For an expensive TV and any other electronic item you value highly, we recommend two-stage surge protection.
C[pounds sterling]With a surge suppressor, you can be sure of one thing: the price of the equipment is still incomparably low considering the damage overvoltage may cause,C[yen] said Christian Bertrand, Regional Director, Business Development & Support, APC Co ME & Turkey.
PowerSure Surge II surge suppressors deliver computer-grade power protection for desktop computers and their peripherals, audio visual systems, phone systems, and cable modems.