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3) Surgical Assistance--Percent change in the proportion of index surgeries involving surgical assistance.
The incidence of surgical assistance decreases proportionately less for the high-impact group.
Veterinary Technicians often provide nursing care, patient assessment surgical assistance.
These needs have been met with cable-free articulating instruments, system sterility assurance and a compact design that allows for surgical assistance at the operating table.
org), which helps victims of Female Genital Mutilation recover a sense of pleasure and dignity and obtain surgical assistance to restore clitoral functioning.
has funded nearly $6 million toward research grants to fight cancers affecting women -- Together, Mary Kay Russia and the independent sales force raised funds to support Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization known for lending highly qualified surgical assistance to children who are born with facial deformities - Mary Kay Russia also supports KidSave, an organization that works with communities worldwide to get older, overlooked children out of orphanages and foster care and into permanent, loving families -- Mary Kay Inc.
In these cases, BCBSM investigated an allegation that the dentist was paid by BCBSM for technical surgical assistance services he did not perform.