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SURGERY, med. jur. That part of the healing art which relates to external diseases; their treatment; and, specially, to the manual operations adopted for their cure.
     2. Every lawyer should have some acquaintance with surgery; his knowledge on this subject will be found useful in cases of homicide and wounds.

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Data Source: This was a retrospective population-based cohort study of 4,334 hyperthyroid patients treated surgically during 1986-2007 at any Finnish hospital, along with 12,991 matched controls.
Other studies have shown that this surgically related verbal memory impairment doesn't improve over time and can have a significant quality of life impact.
Inflatable implants consist of paired cylinders, which are surgically inserted inside the penis and can be expanded using pressurized fluid (see figure 3).
Surgically placed jejunostomies, although more secure than NG's, are susceptible to being dislodged.
In the Phase II study, LibiGel([R])significantly increased satisfying sexual events in surgically menopausal women suffering from FSD.
The device is surgically implanted into the gum in a nerve bundle behind the cheekbone.
Surgically retrieved sperm have been associated with an increased risk of genetic defects in previous studies.
Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal said on Sunday that his surgically repaired right knee continues to improve despite the fact his daily running program always begins with a noticeable limp.
PHILADELPHIA -- Surgically menopausal women under the age of 50 years deserve special attention with regard to sexual desire disorder, results of a new study suggest.
Tumor form of encephalic schistosomiasis: presentation of a case surgically treated.
PHILADELPHIA -- Surgically menopausal women under age 50 deserve special attention with regard to sexual desire disorder, results of a new study suggest.
It will focus on all aspects concerning the care of patients undergoing obesity surgery, including surgical and technical issues with editorial covering the effects of surgically induced weight loss on obesity physiological, psychiatric and social co-morbidities.