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"The multi-channel world means most niche tastes should now be catered for, leaving only the surliest curmudgeon to grouse there's nothing on worth watching
With a potent combo of Bible-based preaching and tough-love coaching, Grant inspires even his surliest players to accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior--and, while they're at it, stop fumbling so many passes.
She was one of the rudest and surliest people I've met in this business, and as you may know--that's really saying something.
Not one of the people who surround him is forgotten either - notably trainer Tony Cruz, jockey Felix Coetzee and owners Archie and Betty da Silva - and if there is a slightly Hello-ish tendency to present the humans as paragons in their own right, not even the surliest pedant, who doesn't mind admitting he would have loved to have done this book himself, could find more than one solecism.
And put your hands on the desk," the largest and surliest of the mob yells.
The score and the scorer ( Ian Porterfield ( will never be forgotten, but there's one indelible image from that afternoon that made even the surliest football fan smile in admiration.
a smile out of even the surliest and most contemptuous when he met them on the road, the poor man had succeeded in passing his sixtieth year without running into any bad storms.
This was probably the surliest group of heroes you'll ever see outside a Fassbinder retro.