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And this surliness is spreading to his jockeys, with Derby second Fame And Glory's rider Seamie Heffernan bleating that the race had been perfectly set up for victory by Sea The Stars.
First of all, it is wicked and altogether accursed: murders, adulteries, lustful desires, fornications, thefts, idolatries, magical arts, sorceries, robberies, false testimonies, hypocrisy, duplicity, fraud, pride, malice, surliness, covetousness, foul talk, jealousy, rashness, haughtiness, false pretensions.
Too often, there seems to be a surliness about some lacrosse players' individual demeanor.
He apparently shares with our Prime Minister a reputation for surliness and was once provoked into making some anti-English comments.
Magic" thus sometimes acts through semiosis, enabling, for example, the Djinn of "Camel" to embody the Camel's surliness in a physical sign, the hump(h), which is at the same time a pun.
We quickly understand that the little girl is Katia, still unsmiling to the point of glowering surliness.
This may be variously interpreted as coolness, dispassionateness, reserve, dullness, and possibly grimness or surliness, on the part of the speaker" (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 48).
She could see them walking to his room of their own accord, expressive in his absence of pathos, surliness, ill-temper, charm.
Whatever, you can either respond to the so-called criticism with surliness, sarcasm and rudeness, as Jones did at Charlton and Liverpool, or you can react with dignity and shrug it off.
Any team where surliness is more readily accepted as acceptable behavior?
I was among other tourists in small towns at the end of the tourist season and people who make their living from tourists are not noted for their hostility or surliness toward them, although there are exceptions: in parts of the Caribbean, and in any country where nationalistic pride is wounded by notions of servicing well-heeled strangers, such surliness may be experienced.