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The purposes of this research are to explore how currently assessed diversity knowledge, diversity skills, and diversity dispositions of pre-service teachers (PST) relate to each other and further to surmise if the presence of diversity knowledge, diversity skills, and diversity dispositions manifests in cultural efficacy and a general cultural consciousness among PST.
Perhaps the BBC should donate part of Ross's withheld salary to this charity, otherwise we can all surmise what will happen to the money.
Shortened telomeres in white blood cells might induce those immune cells to trigger inflammation, surmise Ioakim Spyridopoulos and Stefanie Dimmeler of the University of Frankfurt in Germany, also writing in the Jan.
We surmise we are being read during your break, but we can't even begin to guess what time of day it was.
Many observers would surmise the lower employment levels might ire the union, but labor was willing to work with plant management to build an operation that is both flexible and sustainable long-term.
Thus, a taxpayer must provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate a debt is indeed worthless and not merely surmise any collection effort would be futile.
Archaeologists now surmise that the dinosaurs disappeared as the result of a single cataclysmic event--a huge meteor striking the Earth--that changed the environment in which they lived.
When anthropologists discovered the skeletal remains of ancient females who died because they could not birth increasingly large-headed babies, they were moved to surmise reasons why the human race survived the increase in size at all.
Here, he and two co-authors tackle the notion that even without proprietary knowledge, analysts can create models that can successfully surmise how certain industries will evolve and which strategies will succeed.
One can surmise at which audience the guide is most usefully aimed.
They surmise from their own data that the risk of being injured on a fixed-site amusement park ride is 10 to 100 times lower than for most common recreational and sporting activities.
Dozens of other friend-of-the-court briefs had already been filed, leading court watchers to surmise that the Administration will take no position in the case.