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Is it fair to surmise that his 2002 response would have been somewhat lower than in 2001 in any circumstance?
One could surmise that was the reason the single-stem flower motif, roses and dreary neutrals were still lingering at the party.
Several weeks prior to the ruling, we got word that something was going to come down from Washington, but there was no telling when, nor could we surmise how the ruling would go," says Robert Murphy, vice president for Student Affairs at D'Youville.
Investigators surmise that, in later cases, he observed the couples performing sexual intercourse, then entered the house and killed them in a blitz-type attack.
Mostly, one spends a great deal of time worrying about the abuse being dealt those double basses, which, it is plausible to surmise, cost more than this entire production's budget.
Because the inappropriate bag was used, investigators for the state attorney general's office surmise, the woman received 10 hours' worth of food in one hour.
Scientists now surmise that similar life forms may exist beneath the ice-packed surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, for example.
As she raced from surmise to surmise he reflected that it was rather like journalism: precise details but the overall picture could be distorted.
In fact, in my new state of wild surmise, I've even thought of a slogan to use.
We think it's possible to surmise that a direct reporting relationship is not as crucial to the communication person as is access and participation.
One need not have read the press release to surmise that the two protagonists--sexily cool and taciturn guitarist and joyful toddler--might be mother and daughter.
The fact is that most of us don't have the skills to stop this kind of garbage and without laws to prevent it and freeware to block it from our screens, you can only surmise the practice will grow.