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Crider reasonably surmised that Nelson "was committing or attempting to commit a burglary," and "reasonably believed .
Based on anecdotal information collected with the survey results, Stunda surmised that companies and firms ultimately hired a significant number of their interns.
Researchers detected neuropeptide S several years ago, after they had surmised its molecular form from the shape of a receptor for the hormone on the surfaces of certain cells in brain, thyroid, and a few other tissues.
He correctly surmised that the moon's trailing hemisphere as it moves around Saturn is composed of highly reflective material but that the leading hemisphere is apparently without the glitter.
Before the Mossbauer spectrometer took its first measurements, Squyres surmised that the fine-grained particles in the soil are bound only weakly by electrostatic forces.
Using data collected by the International Whaling Commission, Springer's team surmised that by 1969, whalers essentially wiped out the fin, sei, and sperm whales within 370 kilometers of the Aleutian Islands and the Gulf of Alaska coast.